Kapiti Easter Trading Move

Kapiti Mayor K Gurunathan — shop-owners could decide

Locals can have their say on Easter Sunday trading

By Alan Tristram

Kāpiti Coast residents can now say if they want shop trading on Easter Sunday.

The Kapiti Coast District Council (KCDC) says last week its Strategy and Policy Committee proposed a draft policy for Easter Sunday trading for consultation.

And the consultation period began this week. It ends on October 8.

Mayor K Gurunathan, who is a committed Christian, says if a policy was adopted after consultation, local businesses could make their own decision to open or not on Easter Sunday.

Employees have the legal right to refuse to work on Easter Sunday. Certain specified businesses, like dairies, petrol stations, and takeaways, are already able to trade if they wish under the existing legislation.

‘Important debate’

“This is a really important community debate that is happening all around the country right now. Locally, we are going to see extremely strong views for and against opening businesses on Easter Sunday. It’s really essential that we have this conversation and not shy away from it.”

If a policy is adopted by Council following consultation, Easter Sunday shop trading could come into effect by 2018. If a policy is not adopted, only the few shops currently permitted by law to open would be open.

More info on KCDC website

Further information and advice from central government agencies on trading rules, as well as instructions for how to submit opinions during the public consultation period, are available through the Council website.

Consultation closes on 8 October 2017.