Kapiti Drunk Drivers

Kapiti Police arrest ten drunk

Drivers in one weekend

By Alan Tristram
February 15, 2010

Kapiti Police say local drunk drivers have set some sort of a 2010 record — ten were arrested over the weekend.

Half of them were under 20 – and most were under 25 – indicating that younger drivers are causing major problems on the roads at weekends, who don’t even know what happens after a first DUI offense.

A Police spokesperson said “Normally we wouldn’t process this many in an average week.”

“This highlights the fact that drunk driving is still a problem for us – and the only way we are going to managing a DUI offense it is to target it at the weekends.” One could learn more on getting legal help in such cases.

The police say the drunk drivers were stopped between midnight and 4am, which indicates they were heading home after a session at the pub or a social gathering. According to https://scwestonlaw.com/dui/ lawyers, such drunk drivers generally refuse to take the test and immediate action can be taken against them.

The drivers had a level of intoxication which severely impaired their driving abilities and, worse still, put other people at risk. You can view the website to get an attorney in case there is any issue.

Raumati was the worst trouble spot – six drivers were stopped by police in that area.

Two drunk drivers were stopped in Paraparaumu; the other two in Waikanae.


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