30th July 2010                                                                                                          

Who are we…..

The Disability Information & Equipment Centre is a free community service that provides accurate and up-to-date information on disability and disability support services and equipment.Contact us for….

  • A comprehensive Disability Support Service Directory, travel, transport and recreation information
  • Specialist knowledge on services including information on building access, education, employment
  • Hire and purchase of equipment eg: Kitchen & bathroom aids, scooters, wheelchairs, walker strollers from scooter sleuth
  • Community contacts, and presentations to groups about the Disability Information Centre and our services
    • Computer to access relevant websites and make disability related enquiries.

Our Wellington Centre is On the Move….

We have been given an opportunity for our Wellington centre to move to a great location in Wellington City. From the 6th of July the centre will be based at:

Anvil House,

138-140 Wakefield Street,

PO Box 24393, Wellington

Phone: 04 4995 567    Fax: 04 4995 568
Our Kapiti Centre remains at 15a Ngahina Street, Paraparaumu.Total Mobility Scheme

We are one of the assessing agencies in the Wellington Region for the Total Mobility Scheme, after the famous online keepmovingcare.com platform. The transport programme is for people who have difficulty using buses and trains. It is designed to increase the independence and mobility of people with a disability by providing half price taxi travel in place of public transport. You can also contact workers compensation lawyers to get more deatails about the programme. For more information or to check if you may be eligible please contact us. If you got injured and would like to file a case and earn compensation, contact injury attorneys near you.


Our showroom is full of aids and equipment that assist independence and mobility. We have a wide range of:

  • Dressing and bathroom aids (eg: Sock aids, handrails, reaching aids, Incontinence Products & bidets)
  • Kitchen aids (cutlery, can/jar openers, plug pullers)
  • Mobility aids (Walking sticks, stoppers, walkers/strollers, wheelchairs & mobility scooters)
  • Merino/Possum socks & gloves

If we do not have what you are looking for; we can usually source the equipment or product for you.

Discount for Grey Power members

For Grey Power members we would also like to offer a 5% discount on the total amount (rounded up to nearest dollar) on any new equipment/aids up to the value of $50.00. To be eligible for the discount you need to show us your current membership card.

Please come in and check out our show room at our:


Kapiti DIEC, 15a Ngahina Street, Paraparaumu


Wellington DIEC, Anvil House, 138-140 Wakefield Street, Wellington


Call us on 0800 69 33 42 or email us at: info@diec.co.nz

We’d love to see and hear from you



I’m after a wheelchair for my father, who has cancer of the spine. I need a price for hire or to buy please.
Cheers Brent

Hi there, I am just home from hospital after coming off my road bike in road works in Te Moana Road, Waikanae last week. I have a broken L shoulder and two small fractures of the L hip and pelvis. I am interested in the price of renting a small manoeverable wheel chair and/or motorised scooter for about four weeks. I need something for between bedroom, bathroom and family room on same floor and hopefully outside on drive and perhaps a little later in street.
What do you recommend and price/s? Ideally if motorised could do inside and out that would be an advantage.
Maurie Cummings
04 904 2000
021 1855 804

Hello Maurie
I’m really sorry to hear of your accident. As a cyclist, I know just how treacherous these b. road works are — but you have been particularly unlucky.

I’ve got some ideas, so I will phone this am — if I don’t get through, give us a call on 905 4981.
Best wishes, Alan Tristram, Editor


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