Kāpiti Council Rehearses Funeral Rites For The Body Of Community Boards

The funeral rites for the body of Kāpiti’s local democracy took place virtually in the KCDC today, writes Alan Tristram.

He says the funeral celebrant was Mayor K Gurunthan and the six pallbearers were Crs Holborow, Buswell, Cootes, Handford, Halliday, and McCann.

The obsequies were prepared by the Chief Executive.

A group of non-conformers — Crs Compton, Elliott, Prvanov and Randall — refused to take part in the funeral rites.

The burial ceremony has yet to be confirmed by the Local Government Commission.

But if it goes ahead, I propose the ashes be interred near the district’s memorial to the late John Murray, who fourght for many years to get a community board for Paraparaumu and Raumati.

He also presented a strong case for boards at a hearing with the Local Giovernment Commission.

H would be weeping today at the fickleness of a man he supported through difficult times — none other than today’s celebrant.

So until better times, and democracy, prevails,

Alan Tristram

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