Citizen’s Petition Against Kāpiti Council Plan To Trash Community Boards

Kāpiti citizens are mobilising to defeat Council plans to abolish the district’s four community boards, says the Editor.

And the latest move is a petition organised by Waikanae resident Michelle Lewis.

She sqys: “I’ve started a petition for all Kāpiti people to get behind. It’s aimed at keeping our Community Boards and, further, to get them a stronger voice in 2022.

“Please share in your networks. Let’s see if we can get 1000’s of supporters across the district.

(see link below)

But I realise not everyone has that amount of time, or knows the process, so please see the petition (below).

“It’s in addition to the formal process to help get a better gauge of the level of support across the community —

and I have worked with local elected representatives to get to this stage.

Link to Petition :

“Thanks for your support!”

Michelle Lewis

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