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By Helen Tristram
10th March 2010

You wouldn`t want to miss Sonia Savage`s exhibitions of art.

A member of The New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts, Sonia lives in Paraparaumu and is a full time artist.

She is the great niece of one of New Zealand`s well known old masters, Cedric Savage and her grandfather, Brian Trask is also a talented artist

Sonia grew up on the Kapiti Coast and was interested in art from a young age. It`s also where she developed her love of nature.

Her art is a bold and vivid representation of the local scenery which she loves.

Coastal flaxes, Pohutakawas, and sand dunes are just a few of the images that feature in her work.

Some of Sonia`s art is abstract, and other work includes theme paintings, including a series called “Snobby Susan”.

Sculptures in Oamaru stone, both large and small, are another of her impressive art forms.

She works from her studio at her home at Paraparaumu Beach and uses various mediums including oils, acrylics and chalk pastels and has recently exhibited at Kapiti Arts and Crafts gallery in Matai Road and at Coastlands.

So if you feel you need an uplifting experience or just enjoy looking at creative art, look out for Sonia Savage`s colourful works.

Her website can be viewed  HERE

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