Kāpiti Airport Hit By Two New Threats

Kāpiti Airport, already under threat of closure, has been hit by two more body blows in the past week.

The airport, which is usually open for more than 13 hours on weekdays during summer, has begun restricting operating hours.

It will close for about six to seven hours on most weekdays and for a few hours on Saturdays until February 1.

Emergency services will still be able to use the airport at Paraparaumu when it’s closed.

Sudden shutdown

On Sunday, the Airport shut down suddenly following a threat made on social media. compounding the other challenges facing it.

Staff were told of a potential security event on Sunday morning, and the airport closed to air traffic about midday, said a Stuff report.

A spokesperson could not comment on the nature of the threat or which platform it was made on.

Restricted hours

The reduction in operating hours over summer follows months of speculation that NZPropCo, which currently owns the airport, wants to close it.

However, NZPropCo said it was yet to make a decision about the airport’s future and was considering “a range of options”.

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