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 Tyler Brown in action

Tyler Brown in action

Another Paraparaumu School Tradition

By Tyler Brown

Paraparaumu School has many traditions:  the Easter Bonnet Parade, the Bake Off, and the Flower Show, but on Wednesday 19th of March, we didn’t celebrate any of those, we celebrated our school Swimming Gala. Leaving at 9:30 and taking a bus to Waikanae pools, we were off!

The day started off with novelty races for the kids at Paraparaumu School.  Short and fun races were organised by teachers Whaea Gina and Ms Rickard, from relay races to scrambling to pick up as many tennis balls as you can.

After a nice and fun lunch break senior kids were put to the test in competitive races to do a length of freestyle to see if they were cut out to make the inter-schools swimming coming up soon.

The game I enjoyed the most was balancing a coin on your forehead, while floating on your back holding a flutter board, because it was a challenge and really funny to watch.

A great time was had by all!