More dirty politics. What we can expect from Judith Collins and the National Party and possibly NZ First who are said to have met with Crosby+Textor, (just wait for the racists jibes from Winston Peters), more nonsense, Juidth’s favourite phase. A classic (Crosby and Textor -PR peps to Thatcher,Borris, Trump, Zuma and other desperados). recommendation straight out of the Tim Bell sourcebook–he of Bell and Pottinger, well and truly outed over the Zuma campaign) make a false statement that you know to be false in this case about number of escapees (20) from prison under her watch and compare with quarranteen escapees (less than 20) and when questioned laugh it off as joke and mock journalists for not getting the joke..just like Trump…just like Michael Woodhouse…’just because I can’t prove it doesn’t men it didn’t happen’ (on urban myth of homeless man using quarranteen facilities).
The media muts combat this blatant misrepresentation and disabuse ‘dirty politics’ it has no place in New Zealand.

(on a similar note the Mayor Guru’s jibes about nae sayers and neo colonialists is surely a breach of standing orders and demands a repremaid if not being sued for libel–come on Cllr. Randall and Chris Ruthe–apply your legal minds to countering pure political nastiness-or have you no backbone)

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