Judith Holloway Saw Chelsea Manning

Rather Like Napoleon — I can’t imagine anyone braver or more rational than Chelsea Manning, says Judith Holloway.

I went to hear Chelsea Manning speak last at the Embassy cinema. She was introduced by Georgina Beyer, also a trans-sexual and politically- aware person.

But unfortunately, my old-age hearing, their sound system, and Chelsea’s strong accent and fast speaking prevented my being able to properly take in what she was saying.

Luckily, however, I have a very good idea of what she’s been through and what she’s done for humanity from my reading of people like Noam Chomsky, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, and Glenn Greenwald.

To think that this young woman has taken it upon herself to expose to the rest of the world the American Government’s disastrous foreign policy, in cahoots with the CIA’s wicked, calculating interference in the political and economic affairs of most, if not quite all, left-leaning democracies!

This alone is really Napoleonic behaviour!

Add to this gutsiness the fact that she’s put up with being held for seven years in jail (most of it in solitary confinement) for having such determined courage.

Then add in her radical personal decision to go for a gender change from man to woman…. After having been made to feel, through all her childhood as a small, insignificant-looking, possibly effeminate little boy, then as an adult bloke, that she was just too ‘different’, ‘crazy’, etc …..

And being conscious of the fact that even her own family (with the possible exception of her Welsh mother) chucked her out, accelerated by a stepmother out of a fairy-tale book, forever sneering at her ‘weirdness’….

Surviving cruelty

How can anyone survive such cruelty?

Yet now, here she is, travelling to different parts of the world, to explain why she considered it was the moral thing to do – to expose what the US was doing in the name of ‘democracy’.

Anyway who wishes to know what America’s spreading of their idea of ‘democracy’ ( = ‘Capitalism’) at the business end of tanks and bombs and spies and torture chambers, can read all about it online: the costs, the number of deaths, the destruction of ancient buildings and treasures, of schools, hospitals, housing and the essential services of whole cities throughout the Middle East, in particular. It’s all there on Google.

Bullying tactics

As is the never-ending spying and push to demolish the efforts of moral leaders to institute socialist economic ideals into many countries in South America, Africa and SE Asia; those political leaders who dare to try to bring an end to endemic poverty foisted on to them by the controlling Western powers’ military-industrial bullying tactics

I now hope she’ll write the book of her life. Which will be turned into the most wonderful film.  Can’t wait.

What I would like to say to Chelsea is : ‘Thanks on behalf of all people in the world who believe in justice, equality, peace and love. And Truth. We are grateful to you. We admire and love you for your bravery and sacrifice.’

Judith Bryers Holloway

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