Join the Climate Demo Outside US Embassy!


Julie Burns explains how she suddenly found herself organizing a climate change demonstration:

“Like so many of us I was shocked to hear the U.N. Scientists saying that we have only 12 years left to act on Climate Change if we want to preserve life as- we- know- it- on this beautiful planet.

Recalling how Britain reacted to the Nazi threat

I also, more hopefully, recalled reading that when the U.K. finally took the decision to stand up to Hitler they changed their economy on to a war footing within six  months.

They stopped factories producing unecessary goods and rationed food and fuel.

US Embassy, Wellington

So we know it is possible for governments to act swiftly if enough people care.

Every Anzac day I think about the sacrifices that generation were prepared to make to save their world, overseas and in New Zealand. Taking action on Climate Change for me means honouring their much greater efforts.

I’ve never forgotten my mother once looking at the dollop on jam I’d put on my toast and  saying sagely “that would have been your week’s ration during the war”. I’m not asking for

rationing but I do think we need to get more real about the challenges we face if the children now growing up are to have any sort of decent life.

Attenborough’s call

So last Monday night, with Attenborough’s call ringing in my ears, I found myself on a rare visit to Facebook to post a call to action. I invited people to gather outside the American Embassy in

Wellington,to demonstrate our determination to preserve our beautiful planet and to  m show our support for those many, many Americans who long for their government to honor their

previous commitment to the Paris Climate Change Agreement.

I meet a lot of Americans here in Kapiti and haven’t myself met one who didn’t blanch  at the mention of Trump’s climate change denial so this demonstration is in no way

anti American.

The American people, like our Pacific neighbors,seem to be bearing the brunt  of Climate Misery.

Unlike our neighbours, their emissions figures are horrific and, sadly, N.Z.’s record is not so very much better. NZRadio reported last year that our record on emissions is the seventh worst of the 41 nations surveyed. Our current government is now, at last, taking some action.

I think they need to hear that we’re ready to buckle down and make some changes.”

Demonstration details

‘Solstice Climate Change Demonstration’ on Facebook, Saturday 22/12 at 3pm, outside the U.S.Embassy, Fitzherbert Tce.,Thorndon, Wellington.

Please pass this message on.

You’re invited   to bring a poster/placard of what’s most precious to you to preserve, your child, a tree, a bird the orangutans or the whales. Children are welcome and they might like to bring soft toys replicas of their beloved pets or wild animals too…Plus musical instruments and your hopeful hearts.

Never Give Up! Kia Kaha!  

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