John Murray Honoured At Last By Council

The Very Reverend John Murray accessway at Raumati Beach

The late John Murray, one of Kapiti’s greatest ethical leaders, has been honoured at last by the Kapiti Coast District Council.

The Very Reverend John Murray Way at Groves Road, Raumati Beach, has been dedicated after a two-year campaign by a band of dedicated supporters.

The accessway to the beach is an appropriate site to honour John’s Life.

He led the long and arduous campaign to win back another accessway at 181 Rosetta Road, Raumati Beach after Council shenanigans handed over most of the pathway to a neighbour!

The John Murray Way

And it took some two years of campaigning to get action from the KCDC to provide the Groves Rd accessway, thanks to the diligent efforts of campaigners led by Alida Van Der Velde and Salima Padamsey.

During his long life, John was a Moderator of the Presbyterian Church and achieved national fame for his fight against apartheid and the Springbok tour in 1981. He was a leading light in the Peace movement.

John Murray: a man of peace with the white poppy symbol

In 1969, He was co-founder of the influential Citizens Association for Racial Equality.

A powerful voice’

He was also a powerful voice in the campaigns for homosexual law reform, for an international ban on nuclear weapons, and for the White Poppies for Peace.

Many other liberal causes were helped by his intelligence and strength of character. But this brought him into conflict with established and conservative sections of society.

That’s the way of the world, says the Kapiti Independent, but we were all better for having known John Stewart Murray, ONZM (5 November 1929 — 17 February 2017).

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