Window Vandals Attack

Vandals Attack Raumati Windows

Causing $30,000 damage

By Alan Tristram
‘Some of the 100 damaged windows at Kapiti College in Raumati.’
15th January 2010

Kapiti Police are still trying to find vandals who caused $30,000 damage to windows in Raumati recently.

The vandals attacked windows at Kapiti College and three commercial properties in Raumati Village.

According to the Kapiti Police, the attackers used stones, coins or car keys to etch scrawls and letters into the windows, seriously disfiguring most of them.

The worst attack took place at Kapiti College, where 100 windows were ruined, causing some $20,000 dollars worth of damage.

Other attacks took place at Hair on Rosetta, Pip’s Café and the Raumati village pub.

The Police say the attacks took place at night during a holiday weekend.

‘Kapiti College Principal Tony Cave examines a huge ‘W’ scrawled into a classroom window pane;’

They say the offenders are ‘probably locals as they are familiar with the area.’

And, they say, the attacks are being taken seriously, with the offenders probably facing charges under the Criminal Damage Crimes Act, which carries harsher penalties than the Summary Offences Act.