Public Water Meetings

More Public Meetings Soon

on Water for the Coast

January 21, 2010

A fresh round of meetings to gauge public opinion on the best options for a long-term water supply will get underway next month, says KCDC Mayor Jenny Rowan.

“We’ve made good progress on the five-year project, which aims to secure an additional supply for the Paraparaumu/Raumati/Waikanae catchment,” she says.

“An initial round of meetings with interested parties in December identified some of the values which are important to the community. “

The Mayor adds: “The next round of public meetings will aim to further identify and clarify those values.”

She says the values will inform the criteria to assess how the various water supply options are graded.

She says this will lead to the removal of many of the 30-plus options now on the table.

She says: “We want to arrive at the best solution for the district by working through the selection criteria with the community, and by thoroughly examining technical aspects of the various options.”

“Our water is precious and we encourage all residents to have their say on this important issue.”

Public can also use forms

Apart from the public meetings, people will also be able to provide feedback by using forms in newspapers, by using the Council website or by contacting the Council’s service centres for submission forms.

Copies of the information will also be included with the next rates accounts due for distribution early next month.

Ms Rowan says: “Council is hoping to make a final decision on a solution in June with construction of the water supply solution scheduled for completion by 2015.”

Public Meetings List

The public meetings are:

  • Otaki – Gertrude Atmore Supper Room – Saturday, 30 January 2010, 10.00am.
  • Paekakariki – St Peter’s Hall – Tuesday, 2 February 2010, 7.00pm (as part of the Paekakariki Community Board meeting).
  • Paraparaumu/Raumati – Community Centre, Ngahina St – Wednesday, 3 February 2010, 7.00pm.
  • Waikanae – Senior Citizens Hall – Thursday, 4 February 2010, 7.00pm.

Goal to reduce water usage

Looking at the KCDC water strategy, the Mayor comments:

“Reducing the amount of water we use is an essential element of the district’s water strategy and we’re urging residents to use water sensibly.

“The goal is to reduce water use to a peak target of 400 litres per person per day.”

She says: “In the crucial Paraparaumu/Raumati/Waikanae catchment, where additional supply is required, the peak use in the 2008/09 summer was around 525 litres per person per day in Paraparaumu/Raumati and around 755 litres per person per day in Waikanae.”

As part of the Annual Plan process, she says, Council will complete a Water Conservation Improvement Plan to get to 400 litres/person/day over the next five years.

The Mayor says education, financial incentives and a review of the water supply bylaw are all areas that will be debated for the Improvement Plan.