New Northern Corridor

Joyce’s bulldozer poised to slice through Kapiti

By , MP
7th January 2010

The Government’s decision to spend $2.4 billion on the Wellington Northern Corridor road project will have devastating effects on the sustainability and livability of the region, the Green Party says.

“The National Government’s plan to bulldoze a new four-lane motorway from Levin to the Wellington airport is plain stupid,” Green Party Wellington Transport spokesperson Sue Kedgley says.

“It makes no sense economically. It makes no sense environmentally. It doesn’t even provide Wellington with a secure alternative route in the event of a major earthquake,” says Ms Kedgley.

‘A Meagre 10-minute Saving’

“The Government’s plan involves building a second Mount Victoria tunnel, a second Terrace tunnel, a fly-over around the Basin Reserve, a motorway through Hataitai, and another through the heart of Kapiti. This will bring about a meagre 10-minute saving for commuter drivers.

“For every dollar invested in the Transmission Gully project, there are forecast benefits of only 36-50 cents. The historical cost benefit ratio for major road projects in New Zealand is 12 times greater than this at $6.10,” she says.

“The economics of the project simply don’t stack up. Add to this the fact that volumes of traffic on our State Highways have been falling for the last two years and you’re staring into the eyes of a $2.4 billion white elephant.”

Ms Kedgley adds that one of the main justifications the Minister gives for building Transmission Gully is that it will enable a second route out of Wellington in the event of an earthquake.

But she says the Minister admitted in Parliament that sections of the route will be built on an earthquake fault, and would take longer to clear in the event of an earthquake than the Coastal Highway.

“It’s madness to build a new motorway on an active earthquake fault, and the Minister knows it,” says Ms Kedgley.

“This project will sever Kapiti, destroy communities, and make Wellington a congested, unlivable city like Auckland. Our rail corridor should be moving these peak volumes of traffic and freight.

“The Auckland solution of building more motorways to solve congestion was a failure. Why do we suddenly think it will work here sixty years later?”

It seems a bit rich anyone from the Greed Party moaning about any new road.
The Greeds supported the ponzi saving scam Kiwi Saver this scam is based on GROWTH.
Growth equals more of everything from roads to pollution, for the Greed Party sponsored saving scam to have a payout in 47 years,(IE an 18 yo joining KS now) there has to be expansion of the economy (surly the general dumb public ‘GDP’ can work that out?)
If this system keeps going at the same speed as it has for the past 47 years, then there will be 8 million people living in NZ by 2057, if not, then the retiring 18 yo will miss out on his pension. sucker
Surly stealing young peoples hard earned money via this lie dams the greed party, their silence over the real issues facing this society over the past 10 years proves they are no better that any of the others in parliament.
The Maori Party have been the only party to try and get a inter party meeting together to discuss Climate Change and Peak Oil, but alas their request has been ignored 4 times now, (with zero support from Kedgly and co) and they seem to have given up trying to get the ‘mothers’ to hold this meeting.
Crying crocodile tears now is a joke, if the greeds had been doing the right thing these past 10 years maybe the GDP would have been educated enough to work out that building any new road or fossil fuel dependent infrastructure is laughable. yeah right
Apathy rules.