New Lady Liz IV



By Graeme Trask
2nd January 2010
Q-West Boat Builders working on the new Lady Liz IV at their workshop in Whanganui

Construction is well underway to replace the existing Police launch Lady Elizabeth III in Wellington.

KIN reported in March 2009 that Lady Liz III would be replaced by a larger more powerful boat, based on the proven design of the Auckland Police launch ‘Deodar III’ — but with some modifications to cater for the turbulent conditions that can prevail in Cook Strait…

The new launch, to be known as Lady Elizabeth IV, is being built at Wanganui by Q-West Boat Builders Ltd.

Construction of the hull was completed in early December and it was then turned over so work could start on the superstructure inside.

Lady Liz IV is an 18.5metre Teknicraft-designed foil-assisted catamaran, with a beam of 6.9m.

She will be powered by two 810-kilowatt MTU diesel engines through Hamilton jets.

The service speed will be 25 knots, which will give her a range of more than 400 nautical miles.

Wellington Police Maritime Unit Sergeant John Bryant says: “She has been designed to bring extra capability to the Maritime Unit.

“Up to 8 staff, including crew from Police and other government agencies, will be able to go to sea for extended periods.”

And, he says: “It will also carry a rigid hull inflatable boat which can be launched while underway.

“This will enable staff to board other vessels, to go ashore, and to help with inshore search and rescue work.”

Lady Liz IV will be a completely different type of launch to Lady Liz III, which was designed as a go out, do the job, and come home in most weather conditions…

Mr Bryant adds: “She has served us well, but the role of the Maritime Police is changing and Government now require vessels that can fill many requirements.

“With Lady Liz IV, increased speed, manoeuvrability, and the safety the jets bring, will greatly enhance our response times to most incidents.”

“Once the boat is operational, the public can expect her to turn up anywhere around the coast — with Police, Customs, Fisheries or other agencies represented on board,” Mr Bryant says.

The boat builders are slightly ahead of schedule and delivery is expected at the beginning of August.