Jackie Elliott Wants to Work With Maori On Landfill

Kapiti Districtwide Councillor Jackie Elliott

KCDC Councillor Jackie says she’s I am grateful for the ongoing dialogue with Ngati Pareraukawa members as there are obviously many opposing opinions in the Hokio landfill issue.

She says: “In 2018 I was hoping that inviting the iwi representatives to raise their concerns about the transportation of Kapiti rubbish in their landfill would be the beginning of ongoing important dialogue and an improvement in the situation. It would also educate my fellow councillors, many of whom were unaware of the impact of the privatisation of Kapiti’s waste management services.

Levin’s Hokio landfill

“They even invited the whole council back to their Marae in Hokio. The Mayor accepted, but only for himself, and I am not sure if this visit eventuated.”

Ongoing concerns’

She says: “Afterwards dialogue was not really possible as I had scant responses to any further attempts at discussion with my Ngati Pareraukawa contacts, but up to just last week, two Ngati Raukawa representatives expressed their ongoing concerns about the landfill to me.

“KCDC staff and council will agree that since last year I have used every possible opportunity to lobby to have an iwi representative from Ngati Pareraukawa on the Mayoral Waste Minimisation Focus Group.

“This is very much their business. It is their land,  and in line with the objectives of the agreement copy I have, dated March 2019.”

Cr hopes landfills will close in 2025

Cr Elliott says she would be pleased if Ngati Pareraukawa could confirm the Hokio landfill will definitely be closing and the capping process starting in 2025.

She adds: “I wonder if they or H.D.C. are aware of capping costs.

“Even with very cheap or free capping material available to us, from the construction of the M2PP landfill, the costs to KDCC, that I have been able to confirm from annual plan documents and KCDC staff today are approximately $3,803,000 over 15 years from 2010. And I would hope that Horowhenua District Counil can confirm to the iwi that they have budgeted for this considerable cost.

“Perhaps it may be financially prudent to time the closure of the Hokio landfill with the construction of the O2NL expressway .

“Lastly I welcome Ngati Pareraukawa iwi or even other Horowhenua iwifrom the rohe, to join the Mayor and I onto the waste Minimisation focus group and hope that now some way can be found to make that happen.”

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