‘Jacinda Barinda ‘Ole!’

Why we support Labour’s plan for our future

By Alan Tristram

We’ve supported the revitalised Labour Party because, frankly, they stand for decency in the face of  financial obscenity.

Jacinda Ardern represents a new, younger and better NZ

While National represents, encourages and supports a class whose key interests are money, property and accumulation, Labour represents a fairer and better society.

While ‘NZ’ Inc. might be doing well, with lots of people seeing their finances swell on the back of unearned profits from property, a huge underclass without property, or much in the way of assets, has suffered.

We oppose and condemn:

  • The lack of a tax on capital gains, which means many New Zealanders can live off un-taxed gains, without doing a hand’s turn.
  • The huge rise in homelessness caused ultimately by National’s actions and inaction. Foreign and NZ speculators have pushed up the price of houses, pushed up rents exorbitantly, and have  ignored the suffering of the housing poor. State houses have been sold off;  few new State houses have been built.
  • Hundreds of thousands of children are living below the poverty line because of National’s inaction and disinterest.
  • The criminal running down of our public health system, coupled with a corporatism which denies proper health care to citizens unable to pay to go ‘private.’
  • The despoliation of our rivers
  • NZ’s lack of action on climate change

The list above is just for starters!

Sure National could throw a few dollars here and there at the peasants, but the whole financial system has been geared towards the greedy.

So I fail to see how anyone with a moral sense can back a system which hugely benefits one class, but ignores those who can’t manage.

But now NZ’s ‘New Labour’ is led by a ‘new’ woman who typifies young New Zealand — fair-minded, passionate about justice and equality, and moved by morality based on principle not religion or class.

KIN goes all the way with the Labour and Greens.

At last, we can agree, ‘Let’s Do It!’