‘Jacinda, All We Want for Christmas is Action on Housing’

Alan Tristram says: “Almost everyone we talk to wants Jacinda to get into first gear right now to build more homes for workers and families — and at the same time to end rampant house price inflation.

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern — ‘Listen Up!’

‘It’s time to be kind to the mass of ordinary people — and give the rack-renters and profiteers a hefty kick in the wallet.’ he says.

“As commentators say, ‘this is your Achilles heel.’

“I’m afraid you give the impression of a scared cat caught in the headlights of a speecding car when discussing the massive house-price bubble.”

The Editor adds: “We admire you, and thank you for your leadership on Covid, the Christchutrch massacre, and the White Island disaster.”

Get your best Ministers on the job!

But now, before Christmas, you need to get your best Ministers to take on the job of getting hundreds of thousands of Kiwis into decent homes.

It’s the best Christmas present you could give Aotearoa!~

( to be continued until you take action!)

If they could do nothing in 3 years, I doubt 3 more will make much difference. The first Labour government managed about 5000 but then they made it a national priority (and did not put Phil Twyford in charge).

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