Information Centre Moving

New Site Found at Coastlands

For Information Centre

15th December 2009

The long running saga of where Paraparaumu’s Visitor Information Centre will go has been solved. — it will front Rimu Road in the stand-alone building at the south-west entrance to Coastlands.

Before the end of the summer the present Information Centre will move to the building currently housing GJ Gardiner and the PSIS.

The Chair of the KCDC Corporate Business Committee, Tony Jack, says:

“This has been an issue for the Council, Coastlands and Nature Coast Enterprise for many years.

“We’ve looked variously at moving into the old Pizza Hutt building, having a totally new building built, and upgrading the existing one.  But none of these were either affordable or effective,” Cr Jack says.

“All the options presented by Transport Agency and the Minister of Transport for an expressway affect Coastlands and access from the State Highway.

Cr Jack adds: “The option we’ve settled on now solves that problem and provides the facilities required for the office to be an accredited I-SITE (Information site).

“It has good access from Rimu Road, good parking for visitors including those with campervans,” he says.

“It already has disabled car parks and disabled access and there are opportunities for clear signage.”

The Nature Coast Chair Graham Smellie is also delighted a new I-SITE has finally been found.

He thanks the Kapiti Coast District Council for finding a suitable site.

“The current ‘Witches Hat’ information centre at Coastlands is totally unsuitable and has been an eyesore and embarrassment for some time,” Mr Smellie says.

“If we can move in early next year I and all the staff will be delighted. “

Mr Smellie says: “Tourism is New Zealand’s largest export industry and having a professional centre both domestic and international visitors can go to is crucial to the 100% pure experience.

“This is a good solution which will provide locals and visitors with the standard of service they should be able to expect and will also greatly enhance the conditions for staff of the centre who have experienced cramped and limited facilities for many years.”