In Praise Of “The Little Things”

From the mind of Matt Lawrey and the pen of Peter Lole comes The Little Things, a New Zealand cartoon on the pleasures and pitfalls of bringing up little kids.

Appreciating creative people

Credit Matt Lowrey and Peter Lole
Credit Matt Lawrey and Peter Lole

The world is a better place because of the initiative of creative people. We readily acknowledge those who come up with new concepts and styles. Sometime we will muse or say why didn’t I think of that? Meanwhile we appreciate the amazing creativity and innovation of people like Pablo Picasso, Marie Curie, Charles Schultz, Jane Austen and many others.

Within branches of the arts and culture, producing fresh ideas are always welcome. In the field of cartooning, we have plenty of New Zealanders who have done just that.

Many readers will remember a cartoon strip called THE POLITICIAN which was widely appreciated because it cleverly took the mickey out of those in power and often picked up on issues and scandals of the day.

Currently there is a daily cartoon which has a lot of appeal in the DomPost, and many other papers, called The Little Things.

Easy to identify with

Creative people: Matt Lawrey and Peter Lole
Creative people: Matt Lawrey and Peter Lole

Lawrey and Lole have come up with a winner. The Little Things is a simple concept which is based on the experience of being parents, and being educated and sometimes challenged by small children: joys, surprises and sorrows.

The ingredients for the comic strip are

~ a short conversation between parent(s) and a child (children) or just a single statement from a child (children). Sometimes no words are needed.

~ simply illustrated with appropriate expressions

~ a statement below the cartoon on the message eg Wishing they weren’t so honest

The children are little kids, say up to seven.

Credit Matt Lowrey and Peter Lole
Credit Matt Lawrey and Peter Lole

The situations are ones that people, whatever their age, will be able to recall from their childhood, parenthood or grand-parenthood, or at least identify with.

Bringing a smile

It is a cliché that laughter is the best medicine, however it is one of the truer ones. The Little Things never fails to amuse and has got to be good for us!

A few examples, in addition to those shown alongside, will make the point.

Wondering if you should be concerned Dad says What would you do if you met Darth Vader? Smiling 5 year old girl reading “Star Wars” – I’d stab him in the stomach and chop his head off!

Wishing they weren’t so honest 5 year old boy to his Dad as they emerge from a toilet at the same

Credit Matt Lowrey and Peter Lole
Credit Matt Lowrey and Peter Lole

time as a large gang member – He didn’t wash his hands!

Scoring free entertainment Mum and Dad on the couch are  entranced as two little girls in costumes perform a play on the lounge carpet. No words needed!

Providing a positive response Mum and Dad are in bed having a cuddle. From outside the door: Can we use the Ipad? Dad – Yes you can! No worries!

If you don’t already get a smile from The Little Things and you get the DomPost, you will find the cartoon daily on the Puzzles page.