Important Annoucement– Editors Away!

We plan to Keep Calm and Carry On.

By Alan Tristram

My wife Helen and I have to rush off this weekend to the UK to see Helen’s older sister who is seriously ill.  So we’ll be based in the UK for about six weeks.

It just so happens that our assistant editor, Roger Childs, has booked two periods of leave during this period.

So KIN could be faltering a bit while we’re all ‘on tour.’

Please bear with us. We plan to ‘Keep Calm and Plug On’. We’ll continue to publish and will answer all your responses as soon as we get a chance.

And I plan to write a ‘Diary From Abroad’ while travelling to give you my impressions of events and interesting people I meet in Britain.

I’m sure Roger will do the same as he travels in the US and Australia.

With sincere best wishes,

Alan Tristram