How To Save Yemenis From Trump’s Cruelty

With the stroke of a pen, Trump last week cruelly condemned hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of innocent women, men, and children to starvation — but Kiwis can help stop it — says Human Rights group Avaaz.

Avaaz says the UN immediately raised the alarm that Trump’s decision to designate Northern Yemen’s rebel government as a terrorist organization would lead to a famine not seen in 40 years.

12 million children among the population at risk

“It will make it virtually impossible to deliver life-saving food and medicine to a country where almost 80 per cent of the population — including 12 million children — are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance,” says Avaaz.

“Hope for Yemeni children now rests with the new US President Joe Biden.”

Biden’s promise

President Biden’s promise — time for it to be fulfilled

Avaaz points out that President Biden promised voters that he would end US support for Yemen’s war — and insiders say that a massive rallying cry from all over the world could help push his administration to quickly reverse Trump’s deadly final act, and save millions from starvation.

Avaaz says: “Join now. Share with everyone. Together we can deliver 1 million voices directly to key figures in Biden’s team, and through high profile media ads as soon as they take office.”

“We can stop it — join the urgent call for new President Joe Biden to reverse this decision and save lives — sign now and share with everyone:SIGN NOW
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