How To Rite

Kensington area in winter, London

In London, a  NZ lawyer living in  the Royal Borough of Kensington demonstrates how  to write  a letter to bureaucrats…

Hamish Tristram (the Editor’s brother) writes to Mr Philip Elliott, an official at the Royal Borough of Kensington Council (RBKC), about a planned extension to a near-by hotel:

Subject: Planning Application PP/18/03461

Dear Mr Elliot
May I register my concerns about the above application?
– the height and density will be even more monolithic and oppressive than the present disgraceful blemish
– it abuts a conservation area and is close to a listed building. There have been numerous commercial developments in the vicinity, mostly acceptable and necessary, but this proposal compounds an excrescence abhorred by those such as myself whom have spent their lives in its Gormenghast shadow
– this pall will spill further and wider inflicting its doleful aspect on the locals and by all accounts providing unpleasant accommodation to any hapless enough to spend a night there
– the extra guests let alone those using the conference centre will make the nearby streets, already choked, rival the stench and stress of a Victorian slum
Yours sincerely,
Hamish Tristram’
Editor’s comment: KIN recommends this style in communications with the KCDC and particularly Mayor K Gurunathan.
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