How To Rite Good

Alan Tristram begins a series on everyday English and how it should be written well. He says, I’ll also give examples.

A good first rule is: be brief.

One of the most effective sentences ever written goes ‘JESUS WEPT.’ (John 11/35).

This sentence, the shortest in the King James Bible, says a lot.

It features the main character, and uses an active verb. It tells the story.

So, when you write, use direct language, with as few words as possible.

And a quiz question to go on with: What famous author begins his or her story with a one-word sentence? (don’t use Google).

In my next piece I’ll give an answer; and an example, or two, of some of the worst writing. This is often found in politicians’ columns or PR releases.

So…’Hold the Press!’ for my next article.


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