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Kapiti Independent News
13th September 2009

The Waikanae Pony Club says the new all-weather arena at Waikanae Park is attracting riders and supporters from all over the lower North Island.

It says the Rangitikei Pony Club will hold an arena polo event at the Park on October 25 – and this will extend that club’s season by two months and will be a first for this type of event south of Taupo.

This news follows a ‘show jumping & cross country’ open practice day hosted by the Waikanae Pony Club recently which attracted large numbers of horses, riders and families.

Members from clubs as far away as Palmerston North and Wellington arrived at Waikanae with their horse floats and trucks for the pre-practice.

Some were gearing up for the Waikanae spring show on September 20, while others were preparing for the start of their season –- a one-day trial at the Waikanae Park on October 18.

Wendy GibsonWendy Gibson, president of the Waikanae Pony Club, says:

”In one-day trials, combined scores from dressage, show jumping and cross country determine the placings”.

Over the past two years, she says, the Kapiti Coast District Council have been working with the Waikanae Pony Club to build an all-weather arena on the site of the old Waikanae rubbish tip.

She adds: “There are no other facilities of this size in the bottom half of the North Island — the closest is at Taupo.

“And the Waikanae arena is already attracting groups from around the Wellington and Horowhenua regions for dressage competitions.”

Referring to the Rangitikei polo club event on October 25, Wendy says:

“We hope this will be an annual event. We also hope many will come from all over the North Island for the final spring season tournament on November 21-22.”

Waikanae Park was bought in 1961 by the Waikanae town committee and members of the Waikanae Pony club from the Field Estate.

Later it was passed on to the Kapiti Coast District Council who now manage it with the Waikanae Pony Club.

(KIN thanks Wendy Gibson for her help in the preparation of this article)

Group picture at Waikanae