Horowhenua Inquiry — No Retraction

KIN Editor Alan Tristram has replied to a request by the Horowhenua Council CEO David Clapperton to remove a story about a proposed inquiry into the Council’s sale of pensioner housing.

Pensioner flats in Levin — sell off by Council is being investigated

The story by KIN’s Horowhenua corresponent, Veronica Harrod, appeared yesterday under the headline ‘ NewsFlash — Horowhenua Council Under Investigation.’

Here is the Editor’s reply:
‘We are considering your request.
‘At present we intend to stand by the efforts of our reporter, Veronica Harrod, until you produce better evidence.
‘As a responsible publisher, we cannot allow any Council to censor an article we publish in good faith.
‘The sale of pensioner housing is a matter of legitimate public interest — and it is important that the rights of local citizens be respected.’
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