Honouring Diane Ammundsen

Anyone who knows Diane will know she has devoted her life to this community. Former Kapiti mayor, Ross Church

An acknowledgement for community service

By Roger Childs

Former Councillor, Diane Ammundsen retired at the end of 2016. It is now time to honour her with a lasting acknowledgement of her service to the Kapiti District.

Over the years, she has been involved in a wide range of activities: guiding, conservation,  church igroups, fund raising and youth development. In the early 2010s she was the key Council figure in getting the Kapiti Aquatic Centre financed and operational.

Her contribution to local body politics on the Kapiti Coast is unparalleled. Her popularity with voters saw her returned to office in every election from 1989 to  2013.

The local community appreciated her hard work, wide ranging experience and interests, and her no-nonsense approach to local government.

An appropriate tribute

Back in early 2016, there was a suggestion that the track alongside the Wharemauku Stream be named after Diane. However, there was some vociferous opposition to this idea because the path already had a name and had possible links back to early Maori settlement.

Maybe something else in the area.

Diane was a key figure in the development of the Friends of the Wharemauku Stream and continues to work with the group.

One of the early achievements of the group was the planting of native flaxes, trees and shrubs alongside the winding path through the Wharemauku wetland.

How about naming this trail the Diane Ammundsen Track or simply Diane’s Way?

It would be a fitting acknowledgement of not only her long service to the community, but of her tireless efforts in the cause of environmental restoration in Kapiti.







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