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Kāpiti Independent junior columnist reports on boating event at Waikanae

A new columnist for the Kāpiti Independent, Tilly Surrey, has sent us a report on a sailing event organised for Waikanae School pupils — and we think you’ll agree it was a great success.

Our editorial team thinks Tilly, a year 6 student in Room 12 at Waikanae School, is a born journalist because she writes so clearly and concisely.

See if you agree. Here’s her report –

The ‘Go Sail’ adventure

By Tilly Surrey

A group of Waikanae school Year 6’s went sailing as part of the “Go Sail” Kiwi Sports programme with the  Kapiti Boating club.

The day’s programme began with Dean Porter, the sailing instructor, explaining how yachts work and how to use them.

Dean gave the children a thermal, a spray jacket and a life jacket for safety before they boarded the yachts in pairs. There were  six yachts.

The children found it hard to move around on the water as there was not much wind. They had to navigate a course marked with floating yellow buoys.

Once the year 6’s had eaten their lunch, Dean led the groups in some team building activities requiring the children to use team work and co-operation.

This was followed by water fights between the yachts and practice capsizing and righting the yachts.

By the end of the day the children were wet and tired, but had been part of a fun learning activity.


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