Our sampler visits popular Raumati South cafe

By the Luwak

I had heard that there were a couple of good little Baristas down at Lembas Café so I thought I’d check it out.

In the past I have found the coffee at Lembas particularly inconsistent, and I know of people who will walk across the road to Valhalla if certain Baristas are on the coffee machine.

It was a beautiful sunny day so we sat outside and watched the world go by. Our coffees arrived and certainly looked the part. Nice silky crème on top and a cute little fern pattern.

However from the first sip something was just not right. The coffee just didn’t seem to have any body, and left a strange after taste in one’s mouth.

Lembas have recently changed to Kapiti Coffee, as have the Wild Olive Cafe in Raumati Beach. I’ve heard that Kapiti Coffee is cheaper than other brands and if this is the case and Cafes are changing just to save a buck it could put them on the beginning of a very slippery slope.

Even the best Barista can’t turn straw into gold.

I take exception to your smart arse attitude towards our coffee which is actually a very high quality roast and very popular with most people who know what good coffee is.As to the issue of pricing there are a lot of other coffee brands that are cheaper than we charge -the cafes we supply have chosen our brand for its quality and value and want to feature a local product.They also experience a very high level of support from us even though we are a very small company.
I myself frequently have our coffee at Lembas and find it made to a very good standard and we are always working with our cafes with barista training so I will raise your criticism with them.
Why don’t you come out from hiding behind your ridiculous psuedenom and visit Kapiti Coffee Company head roaster -Corban Halcrow – at his new coffee house at Shop 10 Copperfields on Seaview Road- come on I dare you!!

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