Hillary Wooding



18th December 2009

‘Disappointed’ is one word that comes to mind with Cr Hillary Wooding over the recent NZTA’s decision to four –lane the link road.

Cr Wooding said, “this result will do nothing for the Kapiti District.

It will not improve connectivity which had been the purpose of the two lane link road.”

Cr Wooding expressed that the general public never really understood what this Western route was to be, and with only three off/on ramps our ability to access town centres is curtailed as will be our ability to get from one side of the road to the other.

“This is a bad solution for Maori who will need to protect their urupa at Takamore and for the Christian Holiday Camp, but a good result for those people whose houses would have been lost with the other proposed routes, although there will be some losses on this western route too” said Wooding.

Cr Wooding also said that she thought  an expressway was never needed in the first instance.

An upgrade to SH1 by all means but not to have a monstrosity like the one proposed.

And she said, “An opportunity for a more future looking solution has been missed – better rail and bus services should have been part of the solution, as it is, the trucks have won!”