Gwynn Compton’s Bucket List For Kāpiti

Gwynn Compton, the highest-scoring councillor in the Kāpiti local elections, has outlined his priorities for the next six months — and action on housing is a key issue.

Gwyn Compton

Mr Compton, a first-time candidate, came within a thousand votes of defeating sitting Mayor K Gurunathan and must be considered as a ‘Mayor in waiting.’

He says: The big things I’m looking at are:

  • Coming up to speed on everything that Council is up to across the board, as well as any portfolio or specific committee responsibilities I may end up with.
  • Being out in our communities and building the relationships necessary to make sure that Council becomes more community-led this term
  • Ensuring the independent review of Council is thorough and that when its recommendations are delivered that we implement them
  • Getting action underway to deal with the district’s housing crisis
  • Getting the refreshed economic development strategy across the line.

Expanding on the contentious issue of the massive library book cuts instituted by the last council, he says:

‘I haven’t had a chance to talk to my new council colleagues in any depth yet, but I’m hoping to see where they all stand on restoring the library book budget in the next few weeks and how we can progress this.

Kāpiti Mayor K Gurunathan — is he now on notice?

He adds: “I haven’t been offered the position of Deputy Mayor and nor have I sought it. I’ve told Mayor Gurunathan that I’ll support whoever he appoints to the position.”

He says his focus is on working hard, being a constructive member of Council, and doing the best job to represent the people of Kāpiti, as well as trying to progress the various issues he championed during the campaign.

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