Guy’s Survey Slammed

Lobby Group Slams Survey:

By Alan Tristram
12th November 2009
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The recent Expressways opinion survey by local National Party MP Nathan Guy has angered many residents, not least the people involved in the sustainable option.

His recent survey quoted a 52% support for an expressway on the Western Link designation.

But the Sustainable Option lobby group says the survey didn’t offer the option of a two- lane Western Link Road, improvements to State Highway One and investment in rail.

‘Even the most ardent of rail supporters have never pushed for a ‘rail only’ option, ’ says the Group.

Spokesman Nick Fisher adds: ‘When you consider that the KCDC, Wellington Regional Council, the local Chamber of Commerce, Nature Coast, several lobby groups, concerts, a CD release, MP Winnie Laban, MP Darren Hughes and MP Sue Kedgley— among others — support variations of this option, you wonder how tax-payer money could be spent on a survey that omits this?

‘We feel the survey is transparent in its intentions to push forward a motorway on the WLR designation,’ he says.

‘Given that Mr Guy stated in Parliament that the survey cost ‘not much’, to have any credibility it needs to be conducted again with unbiased questions.’

A statement from the group also says: ‘We feel that, with the support of all the groups previously mentioned, the sustainable option is the only option that can claim to create unity in our community.’

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