Guru Castigates Cr Elliott for Housing ‘Misinformation’

 Kapiti Mayor K Gurunathan has hit back at Cr Jackie Elliott’s claim that social housing units could be in danger.

Kapiti’s Mayor K Gurunathan — full apology over hedge

He says: ‘It’s common knowledge that during the run-up to the elections you will get candidates wanting to be seen as champions of the public interest.

‘What we should not tolerate is the attempt to gain a personal political advantage by spreading misinformation that victimises vulnerable members of the public.

‘This is what Cr Jackie Elliott has done by scaremongering the public that council could have hidden intentions to sell our 118 pensioner units.’

The Mayor adds: ‘The security of our vulnerable pensioner community living in our pensioner units is important.

‘They should not be used as a political football for personal political advantage especially by anyone calling themself the people’s councillor.’

Jackie Elliott — ‘The People’s Councillor’

‘Her claims are far from the truth.’

The consultant contracted by Council is undertaking a scoping study looking a the whole housing spectrum from homelessness at one extreme end to transition housing and social housing to affordable housing.

Councillors briefed

Mayor Gurunathan says: ‘Councillors were given a briefing on this project on on July 4 titled “Exploring the housing needs and opportunities on the Kapiti Coast”.  

‘The contract is the direct result of a recommendation made by the Housing Taskforce  that I set up early this triennium. The comprehensive research is aimed at helping us increase social and affordable housing in the district.’

He sqys: ‘To help Cr Elliott, scoping means to understand what the current situation is across the whole housing spectrum.

‘It’s not a targeted assessment  of our pensioner units, let alone with the aim of selling them.

‘To help Cr Elliott again,  our pensioner housing stock is defined as a strategic council asset.

Any move to change this i.e. increasing, decreasing or selling, will trigger our significance policy and the legal requirement to have a full-blown special consultation process. I’m 100 percent sure our elected members and community will not want to sell these assets into private hands.

‘The data from the scooping study will better arm us to facilitate our ability to work with government agencies and community housing providers to invest in more social housing in Kapiti.’

The Gurunathan mayor eschews misinformation. He knew Cr Scott did not sexually assault (X…..)in an overcrowded morning tea room. He now starts attacking the other councillor who fights for those people who are struggling in our community. The other councillor with a decent social conscience and understanding- Jackie Elliott.

I chaired and started the social housing improvements with moves to build an Abbeyfield home here in Kapiti 6 years ago. The council staff stymied the idea by flogging off suitable land and not supporting using surplus education board land in Raumati . The BECA insiders in council have a lot to answer for. Cr Eliot is quite tight in her interpretation and the acknowledgment that the May had been led by the nose and elite staff bureaucrats delaying tactics.


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