Guns for Father’s Day

gun ADGunpost at the DomPost desecrates Father’s Day

By John Murray

Yesterday was Father’s Day and I wonder how many Dads got shiny new guns as a result of the full-page gun advertisement in the DomPost last week.

About the same time the ad. was published, few of us would have noticed that it was the 75th anniversary of the start of the Second World War (September 3).2 GUNS

(This was also the day when the DomPost featured massive coverage of the Ashburton WINZ murders on its front page — Ed)

September 3 1939 was the day on which our then Prime Minister, Michael Joseph Savage, uttered the memorable words  Where Britain goes, we go — and where she stands, we stand.

This was of course only the second half of the European War of Empire, but it was to prove even worse than WW1.

In the first war those killed were mostly soldiers,  in the second, our war, the majority of casualties were civilians. And it all ended with our nuclear weapons which obliterated two whole cities.

So it seemed a cruel irony that on such an anniversary, the DomPost had the insensitivity to publish for profit, one whole page advertising Guns for Sale as the perfect present for Father’s Day!

How could this happen?

How could this happen in our country? We hear that among the top three issues of our current election, is the issue of violence, domestic violence, gang violence, murder in our shops and public offices. How callous then to promote killing guns and ammo in our daily papers.

Are we becoming just another State of the US, where every person has the right to a gun? Does this mean in the near future, all our police will be carrying a sub-machine gun on duty? Armed guards on our suburban trains? A gun for Dad – and next year, why not, to honour equality, one for Mum too?

The Gun Lobby

gunThe Gun Lobby – not only the sellers but most of all the manufacturers – know our weakness for the power of the gun. They have got us in their sights together with the TV producers who fill their programmes with gun slinging women as well as men.

Is it worth a protest? Why don’t we speak out against this deadly madness?   What would our Parties and candidates say about guns?

Hasn’t 1914 – 1918 and 1939 – 1945  taught us anything?


No doubt but that guns and other weapons of war kill. Most New Zealanders had family fight in those major conflicts. Both my grandfathers fought in the 1st war and my great uncle survived the Somme.
However we should never forget that politicians started these wars, not guns.

The Great War Politicians of Germany were almost all military personnel – the people behind the guns. Certainly by 1916 Germany had become a military dictatorship!