Greens on Whaling

NZ must support full protection

For whales, says Green Party

March 10, 2010

The Green Party has slammed Government moves to accept a compromise on whaling at the next International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting.

In a statement to KIN today, the Green Party says it “stands with New Zealanders and opposes any move towards commercial whaling.”

“We will campaign for the New Zealand Government to go to the next Whaling Commission meeting with a position of absolute protection,” says Sue Kedgley, Green Party MP,

“By supporting regulation through the condoning of commercial whaling, John Key’s Government is kowtowing to Tokyo rather than representing the wishes of New Zealanders,” she says.

“If John Key supports commercial whaling, our international reputation and our clean green image will be severely damaged.”

Ms Kedgley adds:” We must not allow this to happen”

Sir Geoffrey defends NZ Govt’s position

Earlier this week, NZ’s representative on the Whaling Commission, Sir Geoffrey Palmer, defended possible NZ support for a proposal which would allow Japan, Norway and Iceland to openly hunt whales – despite a 1986 moratorium – but aim to cut the total catch over the next 10 years.

The proposal was presented to the IWC at an informal meeting in the United States last weekend.

Sir Geoffrey said afterwards that the proposal’s main aim was to reduce the number of whales being caught.

Australia gas already rejected the proposal and said it will go to the International Court of Justice to get whaling banned if IWC negotiations fail.

Sir Geoffrey said Australia and New Zealand have the same aims, and both countries still oppose so-called scientific whaling, especially in the Southern Ocean.

“At the moment we’re in negotiations and the negotiations are not finished – we don’t know where they will end up,” he said in a radio interview.

But in New Zealand, the Labour Party has strongly condemned the National Government’s policy on a possible whaling deal.

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