Greenpeace v. Fonterra

Greenpeace Activists At Sea Again —

Fonterra Under Attack

Kapiti Independent News
By Alan Tristram
17th September 2009

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Kapiti Independent News is proud to run some photo’s from Tauranga which should make all Kiwis proud of Greenpeace — again.

Greenpeace activists have blocked a shipment of palm kernel animal feed from Indonesia from entering Tauranga Port.

They say the feed is destined for Fonterra dairy farms.

They are calling on John Key to halt imports of the product due to its impact on climate change — and to address intensive dairy farming in New Zealand.

GreenpeaceThe activity follows an expose three weeks ago in the Sunday Star Times, which implicated Fonterra in rainforest destruction.

The 12 activists boarded the East Ambition, several kilometers from Tauranga port, and locked themselves to the vessel, the anchor chain and its four cargo cranes to prevent the ship unloading.

News footage shows them holding banners which read “Fonterra Climate Crime.”

Indonesia“Fonterra’s involvement in rainforest destruction and the massive climate impact this causes is criminal,” said Jo McVeagh an activist locked to one of the cranes.

All Images are copyrighted and KIN thanks Greenpeace for supplying these to us.