Green Rail Plans ‘Right On Track’ Says Kāpiti Campaigner

The Greens’ plan for rail electrification and double-tracking from Waikanae to Ōtaki, plus hybrid trains — and future rapid services between Palmerston North and Wellington — has been welcomed by the Commuter Rail Campaign.

Gwynn Compton says: “The Green Party’s ‘Future of Transport’ plan is right on track with the Campaign’s vision for our district.”

Its prioritises are to provide fast, frequent, and climate-friendly commuter rail services more quickly, he says.

Mr Compton leads the Kāpiti-Horowhenua Commuter Rail Campaign and is a KCDC councillor.

Gwynn Compton — Councillor and campaigner

He says: “The rapid growth of Kāpiti and Horowhenua is linked to Wellington, with more and more people choosing to live here while continuing to work in Wellington City.

“By increasing and bringing forward investments in public transport, the Green Party’s plan would be transformational and ensure commuter rail services keep pace with the growth we’re experiencing.”

Benefits for Manawatu too

Mr Compton adds: “Likewise, with Manawatu growing strongly as well, more regular services to Palmerston North will also help the increasing number of commuters in Horowhenua who are travelling north.”

A boost for the regions

Looking ahead, Gwynn Compton says the Green Party’s longer-term vision for the rail network would be a huge boost for regional New Zealand.

Phase One as envisaged by the local campaign

“The longer-term rejuvenation and reinvention of New Zealand’s rail network as envisaged by the Green Party’s ‘Future of Transport’ plan through high-speed intercity passenger rail services would be a massive boost for regional economies.

“Even in the short term, the ability to redeploy hybrid trains as electrification of the network progresses north of Waikanae will help reconnect many provincial communities back into passenger rail services.”

More information about the Kāpiti-Horowhenua Commuter Rail Campaign can be found at

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