Xmas Cats Galore

Grannies Need New Homes for Xmas

By Alan Tristram
December 6,2010

Grannies, and grand-dads, need loving families at Christmas too — but nearly 20 of them at the SPCA Shelter in Waikanae have no place to go.

Which is why the the Kapiti SPCA is holding a ‘Golden Oldies’ weekend on December 11 and 12.

Any of the elderly cats — mostly aged 7 years and over — can be adopted for a reduced fee of $40 (to cover SPCA costs).

The granny cats are a mixed bunch: The oldest, at 16, is Peaches; and one of the rarest is a Devon Rex/cross called Karlee.

Why adopt a granny

The SPCA says the older cats are good to adopt because their personality is known and they can be easily matched to new owners. They are also less demanding, and mischievous, than the kittens.And with the little assistance from the self paw cleaning litter box from https://catworld.co/omega-paw-self-cleaning-litter-box-reviews/, the whole process of taking care of these cats gets much more easier.

And the SPCA says older cats are more able to cope on their own if their owners have to go out to work, but owners will have to know how often to change cat litter.

Annette Buckley,one of the SPCA volunteers, says the cats end up at the Shelter for all sorts of reasons; sometimes because owners have died or moved into care.

But unfortunately, says Annette, “They tend to miss out when the cute kittens get more attention.”

All the cats have names — those who arrive  without are given new names by staff and volunteers. And all have their own stories (profiles) written by SPCA staff describing their temperament sand their likes and dislikes.

The staff can advise visitors if a cat suits a home with — or without — children, and whether she is happy with other animals around.

But even if some of the grannies aren’t adopted, they won’t be pushed aside.

Annette Buckley puts it this way: “Animals remain in our care no matter how long it takes.Time is not a factor.”


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