Gold Robbers Sought

Near Porirua

By Alan Tristram
24th November 2009

Police have just released details of a major burglary of gold and silver bars and coins from a rural property near Porirua.

Constable Damian Parker, of Porirua Police, says the burglars entered a property near the Pauatahanui Inlet.

They stole a solid steel case containing;

  • A 10oz gold bar
  • 80 gold sovereigns and 50 gold  half sovereign coins
  • 15 Canadian gold Maples
  • Four 5kg silver bars coins
  • A mixture of about 250 Australia and UK coins.

Antique dealers, private collectors and second hand shops have been
alerted and asked to report anyone trying to sell the bars and coins.

The robbery happened earlier in the month but has been kept confidential by police until now.

The Police say offenders will have a hard time selling the haul.

Constable Parker adds: “These items are unique and the community that trades in them is quite small.  Any attempts to sell them are going to be noticed.”

The offenders also took a flat screen tv, surround sound system and jewelry.

Anyone with information about the burglary or the whereabouts of the stolen property should call Porirua Police on 238 1400.