Giving Back To The Sport She Loves

Jacinta Beckley shares her thoughts

By Angelo Robinson 

Jacinta signing up for the scholarship

Kapiti Basketball player, Jacinta Beckley, is home from the USA during the American Summer vacation.

Jacinta gained a fully paid basketball scholarship to Seattle University USA which started in April 2014.

She has done extremely well both

~ academically: completed her first degree and will be doing her second degree when she starts back at college in August

~ playing basketball: making the starting 5 of the Seattle University Team.

Talking to Kapiti College players

Jacinta with the Kapiti College players

Jacinta went to Kapiti College on Monday 3 July to talk to the Kapiti College Senior Girls and Junior Girls Teams about her journey, which has been hard and challenging at times, and about chasing your dreams.

Jacinta spoke really well and shared her experiences with these keen and interested young ladies.

She talked about her journey and how she has succeeded as a student athlete.

The players asked questions about her pathway and what it took for her to achieve her dreams and goals.