Gill Ward’s Poetry Column (Part I)

Gill Ward

Gill Ward reports it’s time for more Poetry and Lit-talk. She says: “It’s enjoyable writing this column. It isn’t an assignment and I can choose my own subjects. But I wish it had been like that in my far-away study days.

There is always literary matter in the ether when it is an interest — especially when you have the internet. It is so helpful to read a review of books before you read, buy or borrow them.

‘Diary of a Bookseller’

Last week I finished reading a true account by Shaun Blythell who lives in Wigtown, Scotland, where he runs The Bookshop – the largest secondhand bookshop in Scotland.

It contains over 100,000 books, spread over a mile of shelving along twisting corridors and roaring fires, set in a beautiful rural town by the edge of the sea.

In amongst this are highly unusual staff members, difficult customers and surreal buying trips to crumbling estates and auction houses.

The book is The Diary of a Bookseller (pub. Profile Books 2017)It is very funny but also full of quotes and references to books and writers. I loved it.

Fiona Farrell heading for Kāpiti

Fiona Farrell — coming soon

Our next guest at poets to the people is Fiona Farrell a very important New Zealand author. Here is a quote I put on the poster I made for the event:

‘Fiona Farrell is one of New Zealand’s leading writers, receiving critical acclaim across a variety of genres. Uniquely she has been a finalist in all three categories at the NZ Book Awards, for fiction, non-fiction and poetry.’

There is more – so much more… Fiona is coming all the way from Dunedin so don’t miss this chance. Sunday May 26 4-6pm Cover charge $5 .

Note we are profit free. We pay our guest poet, tip the café and do all our own publicity. Posters are going up this week.

There is also an open mic session but we do have to be strict about our ‘rules’ for this (rules make you feel secure, by the way).

One poem each, no longer than a page and to be blatantly honest, no more than 25 to 30 lines will make us love you. We appreciate the open mic session and the poems are very often remarked on later for their quality. However we need to leave time for the guest poet!

Nick Ward relaxing after a hard day’s night

Nick Ward to talk about his screenwriting

Sunday 19 May at 2:00pm in the Paraparaumu Library Meeting Room: Nick Ward will talk about his broad experience as a screenwriter for film and television. (poster on library notice board).

And on Thursday 23 May at 7:00pm in the Paraparaumu Library Meeting Room: we help Anne Ingram launch her book Bonjour Lucy Bee. Published by One Tree House.

Enough for one day.

All good wishes, hopes and dreams

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