‘Get Out Of Bunker!’

GuruCr Guru calls for KCDC ‘open forum’ on Otaki trees prosecution

By Alan Tristram

Kapiti Councillor K Gurunathan has called on his fellow councillors and mayor to come out of ‘the bunker’ over the court case facing an elderly Otaki couple who felled native trees.

But he says he can understand ‘council’s desire to cut the oxygen off the fire that has set alight this huge public outrage against this imprudent decision to prosecute this elderly couple.’

“I think it would better for elected members to manage an open forum for people to express their view rather than take refuge in a bunker. I know of people wanting to organise a public meeting,” says Cr Gurunathan.

“And how long can we stay in the bunker? The Standen case will take months to unfold.”

He adds: “To be fair my colleagues are acting under the impression that this is a purely administrative matter solely the responsibility of the CEO and his staff. I don’t share that staff advice that that’s the case, for two reasons.

“Firstly, staff have been proven to be wrong with their advice on the removal of coastal hazards lines from LIM reports.

“Secondly, the moment the Minister of Environment, Amy Adams, gave KCDC a public bollocking on this issue and it become national news this has become a political matter

needing political action and solutions.”