Get Local With Your Bookstores!

Ralph McAllister says ‘If Location  Location Location  is effective through repetition ,then Local Local Local might work equally well when it comes to the importance of our local bookstores.

Ralph McAllister

So ,don’t let me down.
Times are tough.
But books and bookshops have been with us for centuries, so make sure that you do your buying bit to keep the shops open .
That way we will not,in the future,be labelled cultural philistines!

And this month?

The Alice Network

I missed the publication of THE ALICE NETWORK by Kate Quinn a couple of years ago.
Now, on the back of my rave article last month about Nancy Wake and CODE NAME HÉLÈNE, we have another superb spy revenge thriller novel to appreciate.

Eve is a survivor …..just, from helping refugees escape from First World War France.
Now 30 years later she sets out to find her chief torturer from then, whom she thought was dead.
He isn’t .
She teams up with a feisty young American ,Charlie who is determined to find out what happened to her best friend from college.
Their stories merge and the result is as gripping as anything you might read this year.
Highly recommended.


Not so MY DARK VANESSA byKate Elizabeth Russell.

This dark ,deeply disturbing first novel which took 18 years to write should come with a health warning.
Fifteen-year-old Vanessa is seriously abused by her teacher but does not believe that she was.
In nightmarish Lolita-like scenes, she defends her abuser because she loves him.
But now she is 32 and the Me Too movement is in full swing.
She is asked to testify against her abuser but continues to defend his and her actions.
Nabokov’s Lolita caused a sensation when published,this promises to do the same.

Definitely not for the faint hearted

One of the year’s best.

ALL OUR SHIMMERING SKIES by Grant Dalton is his eagerly awaited novel ,after the huge success of BOY SWALLOWS UNIVERSE, one of my best of the year on National Radio.

Three richly drawn characters are introduced to us ,in Darwin in 1942.

Molly is a nine year old gravedigger, naturally?

Greta is a middle aged survivor of abuse trying to make a living as an actress.

And Yukio arrives from the sky.

This is a fantasy,an odyssey,a journey over the bleak northern territories  landscape a la Patrick White and Tim Winton.

Totally different in almost every way from Dalton’s previous work.
Only as the plot reaches its climax did I begin to falter in my attention.
A must for most.

To finish on a lighter note.

FIFTY FIFTY by Steve Cavanagh is the latest in his Eddie Flynn lawyer series.
Sisters are both accused of their wealthy father’s murder.
It has to be one of them or both.
They blame each other.
Usual twists and turns and it will keep you intrigued but not as a manual to sisterly love.

As will  FAIR WARNING, Michael Connelly’s  300th, oops sorry, 30th,
this one , featuring Jack McEvoy, fighting corrupt DNA,The Shrike, successor to The Poet and Scarecrow .

You get the picture?

Happy reading from your LOCAL !

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