GE Foods for Kiwis

GE Foods Flooding Into NZ

Says Green Party
MP Sue Kedgley reports
15th December 2009

Over the past decade four large multinational corporations -Monsanto, Aventis, Syngenta, Dow Agro Sciences, have been quietly applying for approval to add more and more genetically engineered ingredients into our food.

These five corporations have been given the green light to bring into New Zealand an astonishing 38 genetically engineered ingredients–genetically engineered canola, corn, soybeans, cotton, potato, rice, sugarbeet and lucerne. See a complete list here.

8 more applications for more genetically engineered foods –namely corn, cotton and soybean–are in the pipeline, and will no doubt be rubber stamped by Food Standards Australia New Zealand –the food regulatory body where New Zealand has only one vote out of ten.

World’s Most Powerful Corporations

Note that these five corporations are amongst the most powerful in the world, and dominate the global food market.

Monsanto owns the patent on 21 of the 38 genetically engineered foods that are used in New Zealand;

All of these 38 genetically engineered foods end up as ingredients in our food, and almost none of them have to be declared on a label- thanks to our Claytons labelling laws.

So the only way to avoid consuming genetically engineered ingredients is to only eat fresh, not processed food, or to only buy food from companies that have committed to avoiding using genetically engineered ingredients.