Gay ‘Promiscuity’ Alleged

Lifestyle of lesbians and homosexuals decried in Speakers’ Corner event

By Alan Tristram

‘God is not happy.’ That’s the message delivered by Waikanae educationalist Deb Burton at the Kapiti Speakers’ Corner.

Mrs Burton, who is a committed Christian and a mother of three children, was speaking on the passing of the recent Marriage Amendment Bill making it legal for gays to get married. 

She told a gathering of about a dozen at the weekend event that the gay community’s fight to secure the same legal right to marry as couples of the opposite sex has an ulterior motive.

‘Greater pool of sexual partners’ sought

She said this could be a desire to have their lifestyle recognised and accepted in order to encourage more participation and a greater pool of sexual partners.

Mrs Burton said the level of promiscuity amongst gays was much higher, averaging 50 per year.

She said most homosexuals were introduced to the lifestyle by older men and women.

 “I am afraid for the young people in their uncertain teen years convincing themselves they have to choose this way of life. I am afraid they will be preyed upon more now that we have given acceptance of equality to gays,” she added.

She said recent studies had shown that homosexuals were more prone to psychiatric problems like suicide, depression, bulimia, antisocial personality disorder and substance abuse.

There was evidence to show this was caused by factors beyond the effects and pressures of social stigma on homosexuals, she alleged.
And Mrs Burton spoke of bible stories where God rained down fire and brimstone on cities given over to gay lifestyle.

“I am afraid for us; it is bringing us closer to the judgments promised for the last days, in the Book of Revelation. In our shaky land, with our shaky economy, and uncertain weather, we thumb our nose at God at our peril, she said.

“Like the prophets of old, I speak to warn us of the consequences of our permissiveness, and to let you know that God is not happy,” she said.

A different view from Rev. John Murray

Mrs Burton’s views were subject to an attempted rebuttal  by the Rev John Murray who said as a man of God for many years he had his own interpretation of the Bible.

He said the Bible and Jesus upheld the basic humanism of people and their need to be loved irrespective of colour, class or sexual orientation.

He said he was one, among many, who celebrated Parliament’s recognition of this after many years of discrimination.

If you all asked the questions I’ve been asking, you’d have the same things to say… eg Promiscuity rates amongst homsexuals (these are non-Christian links)
This is family based research and also has research on children raised in homosexual families…
Sure the internet is a hodgepodge of opinions and you have to make your own mind up, but I’m speaking from life experience as well on some of these issues. Could tell you some tales for sure… I keep my mind open until I’ve collated enough thoughts to form a firm opinion…
I’m sorry almost everyone thinks the same, or are they thinking? Calling me an ignorant bigot doesn’t take much brains. And the person who is shutting down my ability to give you my honest opinion – (I can’t get my letters through on my “replies” article now, including all the links to research I’ve done) – what are they afraid of? Truth?
The arguments that are being put forward are mostly opinion and not fact based – and you have a right to them, as do I. I don’t think I need to say anymore, thanks Alan.

Bible time.

Genesis 19: Sodom and Gomorrah Destroyed.

Leviticus 20: Paragraph 13 Detesting man with man.

Matthew5: The fullfillment of the law. Jesus said I am here to full fill the law of God.

Matthew 19: Jesus said God made man and female to be together.

To be a real Christian You have to follow Gods laws back up by Jesus.

As for what God thinks? I don’t think you can change His mind for Him!

To sum up what you all seem to be saying, anyone who thinks homosexuality isn’t a good thing is a bigot, and no-one educating chilren should think this way… So what was the Marriage Ammendment bill about again? Or is it as I said – everyone now has to think homosexuality is just fine? Which really does prove my point of the bill having a hidden agenda, don’t you think? BTW I sent Alan all the links to my research, it hasn’t appeared yet, no have any of my return comments… I’m trying another computer here….
As General McArthur said “If everyone thinks alike, no-one is thinking at all.”

Please cite links and the titles of the studies that you claim show poor outcomes for gay people. Otherwise, it’s just hot air. If you cannot back it up, it holds no weight.

‘… Mrs Burton said the level of promiscuity amongst gays was much higher, averaging 50 per year. …’

Where do you get this figure from please? Without proper evidence, you’re just an ignorant, ill-informed hater.

I am mystified by the label Waikanae educationalist. Given the views expressed, it appears oxy-moronic. As RS Peters (a true educationalist) once said: “to be educated is not to have arrived, but to have travelled with a different point of view”.

I too support those posts which consider Mrs Burton’s stance has absolutely no parity with the Christian virtues she so adamantly proclaims.

Sometimes those that protest too much have something to hide.

I have several wonderful friends whom I don’t care are gay or otherwise being among my favourite close friends, supportive to any issues I may have in daily life, helpful if I need advice or physical help and above all are animal lovers.

I wonder if Mrs Burton has pets. Animals only respond to those two legged craetures who have empathy – not only to animals but also to human beings at large.

I doubt that Mrs Burton reads the Kapiti Independent News. But if she does, I have a question for her: ” What did Jesus say about homosexuality?” (Answer: Absolutely nothing.) I’m sure that if only so-called Christians followed the teachings of Christ, rather than a myriad of other mostly unknown patriarchal writers in the Bible, we’d have a much better world. Mrs Burton’s statistics are laughable, and she is operating from a basis of fear. As a Christian, she should know that she was commanded to love other people.

What an uneducated, small minded bigot!!! So sad to see this kind of behaviour going on in Kapiti.

I would like to know the “studies” Mrs Burton is referring to, appalling that someone claiming to be Christian would be so nasty and hurtful. Would be rather unfortunate for all concerned if one of her three children turned out to be that way inclined wouldn’t it .. what an awkward situation that could end up being.

Mrs Burton I would suggest you pull your narrow minded head out of your own behind and start acting a little more “Christian like” because you are not the kind of Christian I have ever encountered. The world is made up of many different people and just because they don’t fit into one of your little boxes doesn’t mean you can go around publicly ostracising them .. shame on you!!!!

I think the lady who says how terrible lesbians are should open her eyes . “Gay” man and women are some of the nicest people around. I am “hetro” but some of my nicest friends are “Homo or Gay” – far better people that the bigeted who get around in such a rightous manner. Take people as they are.

Mrs Burton might like to move to Zimbabwe, where same-sex marriage is explicity outlawed by the new constitution. President Mugabe has made numerous anti gay comments, and even holding hands with a member of the same sex is a criminal act.

God’s approval of Zimbabwe’s laws is clearly demonstrated by the blessings of a prosperous economy (Labourers there are commonly billionaires, earning 200 billion Zimbabwe dollars a month – about 60 US cents), charming weather (the number of sunshine hours is demonstrated by frequent crop failures due to drought) and wise leadership (Mr Mugabe is one of very few African leaders whose name is recognised by people around the world) enjoyed by the people of Zimbabwe.

Hi Alan: I’m not sure why you gave this appalling bigoted speech so much coverage given your own liberal views – hopefully, to expose its appalling and incorrect comments. Thanks, John, for contesting it. Probably there were no lesbians/gays there to do so ourselves as we didn’t know this was coming up. Mrs. Burton is quite correct that
we want to have our “lifestyle recognised and accepted” – though of course it already is (as it should be) by Human Rights legislation – and Mrs Burton’s speech as described is verging on hate speech. Most of it is dreadful rubbish with false so called statistics and omits the fact that we lesbians, gay men and other queer individuals can and do have as loving relationships and friendships as heterosexuals. To the extent that our groups may be slightly “more prone to psychiatric problems like suicide and depression” BUT NOT “antisocial personality disorder” it is ENTIRELY because of “the effects and pressures of social stigma on homosexuals,” which she admits to be a factor and of course which she is contributing to. Her assertion that she has evidence to show this was caused by factors BEYOND the effects and pressures of social stigma is highly unlikely to be true – she had better show her evidence – we have plenty of evidence to the contrary. I think of Kapiti as a lovely and tolerant community (generally at least!) – while I believe in free speech, it is a shame that it has been used to demonstrate such INTOLERANCE.