Fund Raising for Elijah

Support the little guy

By Leslie Clague

A Givealittle fund raising drive will be launched early in May at the Waiouru Community Centre for Elijah North, a not yet two year old diagnosed with microcephaly, causing severe global developmental delay.

As a family we are quite moved by the work of Marise and David Hill and other members of the NZ Army community in making this campaign happen,” notes Leslie Clague, Turangi resident and grandmother of Elijah.

The money raised will go to getting Elijah to the NAPA Centre in Sydney for a three-week intensive development course for special needs children. NAPA stands for Neurological and Physical Abilitation.

Making remarkable progress despite the disabilities

Elijah was born a month early in June of 2015. He now weighs approximately seven kilograms. He has mastered rolling over, sitting and stands tall in his standing frame.

He has a beautiful head of curly blonde hair, a wonderful smile and a calm disposition. He has no talking skills yet, but does call out, “Yah, yah” when seeking attention.

Elijah also has severe vision problems and in total, there are some 14 different issues that affect most parts of his body, including two small holes in his heart.

Some feeding issues are due to a dis-coordinated swallow. For quite a while he had a nasal gastric tube to top up the nutrients to his body. This device has now been replaced with a stomach peg (percutaneous endoscopic gastrectomy).

A very caring family

Elijah is the third child of Laura and Tane North, both Captains in the New Zealand Army.

Currently Elijah’s mother works only 15 hours a week so she can travel to Wanganui, Palmerston North and Wellington as necessary to meet with specialists and undertake varieties of therapy.

Details of the Givealittle site and an Elijah Facebook page will be available after the launch.

(KIN will keep readers up to date on the campaign.)

For further details contact Leslie Clague, 07-386-8084 or 021-025-98-465.