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Friend of the rich and famous — Otaki MP Nathan Guy

Friel Spiel — What A Guy! 

By our Horowhenua correspondent, Judith Holloway

This American has the qualities the Nats adore…lots of Dosh.

Are we in the Otaki Electorate sufficiently aware of the actions of our current MP, Nathan Guy, Minister of Immigration?

Are even those people who voted for him – National Party people with presumably pretty Right-wing beliefs – conscious of the decisions he is making in his Immigration portfolio?
‘Stupidity and arrogance’
The stupidity and arrogance of his recently-exposed decision – to grant NZ citizenship to American rich businessman/banker, Peter Thiel, on ‘special grounds’ after his residence in our country for merely twelve days – takes my breath away.
Probably the twelve days were spent hurriedly searching for a good bolt-hole/tax haven and finding a rather lovely Wanaka  lifestyle block of 193-hectares for $NZ13.5m. (A snip compared with the cost of housing in New York.) Plus he took a day or two to  invest in a couple of profitable NZ tech businesses.
Money, money, money!  Is this the main thing we want from new citizens? How about a belief system that Kiwis hold dear: community fellowship, equality, a sense of fairness, cross-cultural awareness, generosity of spirit?
The worst sort of qualifiers
As far as I’m concerned, I can’t think of anyone with a worse set of qualifiers for NZ citizenship: supporter of Trump;American billionaire out to buy up large; co-founder of a secretive company which works with a number of spy agencies. Would this include spying on the citizens of this country? Searching out left-wing people such as myself, for instance?
Thiel’s spiels
Peter Thiel has been quoted as saying in an essay (2009) that he ‘no longer believes Capitalism is compatible with Democracy’. I agree with him. Socialism is far more compatible with Democracy. But actually, this is not what he means, at all.
What he hates about Democracy is so-called ‘political correctness’. He means, no doubt, the ideal that citizens of whatever creed or race or IQ should have equal rights. Yes, so annoying to the rich! Why can’t people without money just accept that they are simply there to serve the people with plenty of dosh?
Peter Thiel

He is totally on the other side of the fence from the great Norman Kirk who said, memorably, at a Labour Party Conference in the 1970s: ‘Everyone should have freedom, yes; but not the freedom to exploit others, or the resources owned by us all.’

It becomes clearer and clearer to me that these two exploitative behaviours are exactly what capitalists see as true freedom – their entitlement. They always have and they always will. Only the principles embodied in Democracy apply the brakes to them both. The lack of these principles is what is ruining contemporary America.
‘Lightning elevation’ to Kiwi 
Peter Thiel’s lightning-speed elevation to NZ citizenship is in great contrast to the recent refusal of Immigration NZ to allow a disabled young South African girl to remain with her family in New Zealand. Where has humanity gone?
The buck for these two terrible decisions stops at the desk of Nathan Guy.
I do hope that, after September, this Minister of Immigration is no longer sitting at that desk.
( Editor’s note to voters interested in an informed democracy: It’s worth observing how rarely Minister Guy fronts up on National Radio when unfavourable stories explode (often) in his  portfolio )