Former Mayor Deplores Book Cuts in Libraries

Former Kapiti mayor Iride McCloy says Kapiti residents are once again being used to defuse budget deficits.

She says: ‘As a Waikanae resident I am once again appalled at the neglect residents continue to experience.

‘Our present Mayor and councillors have spent thousands of dollars on other localities on the Kapiti Coast with Waikanae continuing to be omitted.

‘Waikanae Library, which is the centre of our Mahara Place Town Centre, deserves an investigation because the history of concern (about mould), was not considered worthy of ( action) to repair!

Adding insult to injury
‘To add insult to injury, there is the reduction of funds for Library Books, which for many provide a back-bone of relaxation, learning, and sharing of information.

‘The Library also provides a meeting centre, and the book cuts indicate the present council has no heart for the welfare of the Kapiti community. ‘ 

She adds ‘Taking into consideration the stance taken by KCDC on social housing, this is another narrative of a Council that has not connected to needs and desires of the community.

‘It is also a concern that this Council is pushing through serious recommendations within months of a new council being formed!  

‘Whose agenda is being followed !’  

Iride was / is a good sort. Her downfall was that she was for the people and not the system. The powers at Rimu Road made very sure that she got nowhere. What’s changed since then really?


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