Football: Deutschland Uber Alles

It is the culmination of a story that should be an inspiration to others, bringing together intelligent forward thinking and all those other established German qualities… Daniel Taylor, Guardian football correspondent

A brilliant goal sets the seal

By Dave Daniel

Goetze scores

Well it’s all over. Germany are champions of the world and justifiably so. I felt relief that the final was decided by a goal scored in open play and not from the penalty spot. What a goal it was.

Schurrle sped down the left wing with two defenders in close attendance. He soldiered on until it seemed that he would not be able to get the cross in but he did, a superb ball in to Goetz who had lost his marker but still had work to do. He chested the ball down and volleyed the ball into the far corner before anybody could close him down.Get all the info on football on Wyscout

Enough said as I’m sure that everyone has seen it many times from many angles. It was a goal worthy of winning the tournament.

Huge disappointment for a football mad nation


It was of course a tournament that cost Brazil $13.5 billion and has probably guaranteed the defeat of President Dilma Rousseff at the election later this year.  The Brazilians love their football but

~ Where do their national team go from here ?

~ Who would have envisaged a 7-1 defeat?

~ Who would have thought they would be booed off the pitch ?

Sadly they did not play with the samba flair of old and you have to suspect that we witnessed the decline of a major power, the dying embers of a bright star that has imploded. They didn’t just lose, they were humiliated.

Thrashed in the semi-final

Ger v Brazil

The way they defended in the semi-final was crazy. Paris St Germaine have signed David Luiz for £50 million which seems ludicrous. He was the man in charge at the back and despite playing without the injured Silva it was really laughable defending.

Four goals in six minutes! The fourth goal is worth another look because it again illustrates why the Germans are worthy winners. Kroos won the ball when the Brazilians showed a complete lack of urgency and awareness inside their own half. As he progressed to the edge of the area, Kroos played in Khedira on his left who had a clear shooting opportunity.

The Brazilian goalkeeper and defenders scrambled across but the shot never came, instead Khedira unselfishly and coolly squared the ball back to Kroos who slotted home easily. Brilliantly executed, it was all about teamwork.

Let’s hear it for the officials

Finally a word about the referees.

As the tournament progressed, the best teams made their way through to the final games and so it was with the match officials. They were class and FIFA got it right.

The beautiful game goes on

All the players are either at home or on their way; some will celebrate, some will rest for a few weeks while others are already being called back by their clubs for pre-season training, back to their day job so to speak.

The World Cup is over but we always have next season to look forward to, a chance for glory, a chance to right the wrongs from last year and that is the beauty of sport.

There is always the next game. Bring it on.